September 8, 2020

Change is in the air!  September is the month representing the shift in seasons from summer toward the comforts of fall.  Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t need a little change about now?  Within the food eaten, the circumstances of our lives, to the world around us.  Yes, I am a seasonal eater.  In my defense, shifts provide a HUGE variety of choices year-round.   

However, there is a greater shift within the world occurring offering HUGE varieties and options to take advantage of.   The shift I am referencing is the shift within humanity.  So, if you’re ready let’s get in gear!  

Currently, 2020 has given the entire world dramatic shifts from various perspectives and approaches depending on the impacts and severity of overall living conditions.  There are differences within each, individual, families, businesses, communities, cities, and states of the population of the entire world.  

The majority feeling stuck while others seem to be creating solutions.  Curiosity, as it always does lead me to dig a little deeper.   After a bit of research, here are a few keys factors when applied are certain to assist others to begin creating their unique ideal solution.  


Creating different mindsets and attitudes toward ourselves, as well as one another. The thoughts we think have gotten us to where we are today.  At some point, a realization of this must surface to begin creating the new normal on a basic level of respect for all, seemingly lost in the wholeness of society to include the nuclear family structure.  

“No man is an island or alone in this journey”.  

To create a shift in circumstances, it is essential to begin to think differently to reach a greater destination.  Instead of focusing on the problems, it is essential to begin thinking more positive solution-seeking thoughts.  Where to go next, and start heading in a direction serving personal ambitions for the betterment of all. Whatever the forward focus of choice,  do not look backward.  Unless of course, it’s a short glance while celebrating accomplishments.  

“There is a reason your windshield is larger than your rearview mirror”.  

When thinking like winners, act like winners.  No dream is too large or too small. Dream Big!  


The human abilities are limitless, gain strength with collective masses working for the common good of all.  When an individual desire benefits the needs of many everything begins to unfold. Dream big, create small steps, and keep your face toward the sun.  When a shift creates even bigger dreams chances are they may require a new level of knowledge, skillsets, and entirely new skills to attain.  More than likely will require learning new techniques, methods, and even life strategies to go from where they are to where they want to be. Don’t let this deter from trying. There is nothing wrong or abnormal when it comes to personal growth. 


For many reflections represent looking back into the past reminiscing.  However, reflection in life is a mirror image.  Depending on the perspective when approaching a circumstance determines the outcome.  Having an optimistic attitude or a pessimistic attitude, remember both are correct. 


The mind works just like a computer, a simple click, and just like that, the entire file comes up, intentionally or by accident. Similarly, the thinking mind receives information and begins pulling up information relevant to any information given at the time.  This applies to every aspect of your entire life experiences having any common denominators.  Skeptical?  So was I until one evening on my way home I found myself sitting at a red light.  I began to think I want to see a fish.  Why fish?  It was the craziest thing that came to mind.  However, after I got home I opened my phone to send a text message.   To my sheer amazement, an emoji of a girl holding a fish, and a pole appeared on the screen!!! Try it yourself my friend and let me know what you experience. The moral of the story, become mindful of thoughts.  Pay attention to all the goodness around you while focusing on the outcomes and desires.  Never resist poverty or failure. Instead, attract success.  Remember to make life fun and keep it simple!  

Going with the Flow

Everything in life is moving and changes.  When something is full, nothing new can be added.  For example, when holding onto things be it money, clothes, jewelry, ideas, or even those pesky resentment, regrets, emotions, and memories continue to recycle themselves and prevent anything new coming in.  Toss out the useless stuff within yourself, your home, and relationships.  Anything not serving the greater good, to let in a steady stream of new beginnings.   Now, you can choose to shift your thoughts and beliefs to something better or replace them with the same types of useless stuff similar to old, choices, and actions are key. 

 “If you want something different, do different things”

 Leap into Faith 

To put it simply, having faith in an outcome, allows it to come about. Know for certain whatever is in the greatest good will happen.  

“Confidence if faith in yourself”!

All my best,

~ Lesley Pazdzioch – Inspiring Creative Insight

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