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My name is Lesley Pazdzioch, I will be your main host for this Podcast.

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Living From the Inside Out

Living from the inside shares key aspects necessary for emotional connection to your inner guidance. In this video, gain new insight into a personal truth, the core being, and the connection to the soul and Divine Guidance coming from Guardian Angels.

Prayers are Answered

Prayers are Answered. This video discusses how prayers are always answered, and why paying attention to our emotions is an essential aspect. I hope you enjoy the content!

Communicate With Your Divine

Communication with Your Divine Guides explains the vital importance of your life in the growth of humanity, how by creating a relationship with Divine Guides life is easier to navigate, and the best practices to develop and maintain the relationship.

How to clear mind and emotional clutter.

How to clear mind and emotional clutter, gain clarity and understanding.

How to Live from The Inside Out

This channel focuses on, Living from the Inside Out with the intention of living the greatest life possible. We discuss how to navigate the best paths for our lives, living authentically utilizing our internal Divine guidance.

Power of The Nuclear Family

Utilizing the power within the nuclear family, making those choices and decisions best meeting personal values. Through observation and an internal observation from the core, or soul essence of who you choose to become.

Living From Inside Out

Online Spiritual Teacher and Leader assisting in healing, self-awareness, and spiritual growth and connection. Living from the Inside Out.

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