Lesley Pazdzioch


Something truly profound happens when asking yourself the most simplistic questions. Even more amazing is what you learn…

The Unraveling

Sometimes our lives can completely unravel right before our very eyes, and the only thing we can do is hold on to the string of hope. At the end of the unraveling, you discover who you thought you are isn’t who you are, and you begin building on our personal truth.

When asked, “Who Are You” with enthusiasm I responded, well,  I am a mother, newly married, own my own childcare business, etc. I went on with, I enjoy music, crafting, and caring for my family and home. Then the most startling response followed; “Well, those are great things in your life.” What I asked is “Who are you, as an individual?”  The “Hello” wake-up call. The answer was, “I had no idea!”

Love and Self-Acceptance

When you suffer loss, you make room for everything new! I was 40 when this happened to me. Talk about a midlife crisis! Seriously, at the time a sports car sounded better than starting over.  The only commitment I made to myself was always, to live my greatest Christ-like life possible.  To me this meant living with honesty, integrity, morals, and values.  I believed would carry me through. Still, to this day they have never once failed me. To be even more honest, I had no idea what a Christ-like life looked like or even was. I just knew in my heart I needed it to get me through. The next was self-acceptance.  Realizing I was going to make mistakes. A lot of mistakes, and it was okay. I was in a whole new learning process. Learning who I was and loving the journey.

Living from the Inside Out

Over the past decade and a half, sifting and sorting my personal preferences from the inside rather than the outer world, sudden insights began to occur. I was living my truth, and in doing so gave an even greater understanding of the outside world. The more honest I became within myself, the more I was able to identify honesty and dishonest in others.  The more love I had for myself, the more love I had for others.  Self-acceptance I stopped looking for myself in the approval from others. The more inner joy I find, the less outer distraction and entertainment needed. The more compassion I had for myself, the more I understood others. The more forgiveness for myself, the less judgment of others. 

Along the incredible journey of new beginnings and self discovery, I was also able to find a missing aspect.  For the majority of my life,  I desperately searched for God.   A connection to something I knew was real my entire life, and believed I would never find… a relationship with God. When looking inside for what is correct, instead of outside amazing  things begin to happen.  There are many times throughout life we often ask, “Why Me” as if we are being punished and suffering for reasons beyond our comprehension. What is happening are opportunities we are not able to recognize, yet.

The purpose for only commitment when a new journey began, was to live the greatest Christ-like life possible. I could not find God in the outer world. Imagine my pure joy of heart when the more authentic I live my life the more God reveals himself to me. And the more I learn about myself through others the closer God comes to me.

Living from the Inside Out is really about living an intentional life, creating the very best version of self from the inside, core aspects of inner connection, called the Soul!

Thank you for reading!