Our Divine inner spark is the soul.
January 18, 2021 written by Lesley Pazdzioch – Inspiring Creative Insight

Come along with me on a journey!

Deep within every living human body, you will find a spirit or soul. A divine spark, beautiful, of pure perfection, the divine creation of God (the reference God has been seen as a representation of the entire system of “divine truth”). With great respect given to other faiths and names, the principles remain the same for me.  

Believe it or not, it is by our own choice to be here on earth. We are here as individuals with the intention of co-creating the grandest world possible! With complete and utter free-will to create whatever we choose and conceive, all will be provided. There really is a purpose in life, a mission for your soul here on earth. 

To keep us safe and remind us, “whose we are” God the divine parent lovingly, and similar to most human parents before sending their children off into the world, gave four specific items to keep us safe and on track. 

First and foremost, 10 major rules to follow without exceptions, spiritual guides, the most elite state of the art internal guidance systems upgrading by the second (beat that Bill Gates). And finally the golden touch and most precious, our guardian angels. With all this safety gear, what possibly could go wrong?!

We incarnate into our earthly bodies, and off we go into the rapidly, ever-increasing speed to join others on their journey currently experiencing what we call life. All too soon, memories of why we are here begin to fade. We forget the 10 simple rules, lose track of our guides, and disconnect with our state of the art internal guidance system. Now, seeking guidance in the unstable world, rapidly decaying under our feet. Many blame a punishing God when in reality it is greed, selfishness, judgments, racism, the list can go on forever. Simply in having taken advantage of our precious gifts and abusing free-will. Remembering we are all one race, “The Human Race” uniquely created equal.  

God and the entire divine realm rush to our rescue, answering every prayer and our cries for help, they rush to us all giving the answers we desperately seek. Providing multiple pathways and infinite possibilities are given to meet the needs of every uniquely created individual.  Through countless options being offered as guidance and support, ways to remember why we are here to reconnect with our truth can be found within religions and spiritual practices and beliefs.  

Today many cultures and beliefs are intertwined in miraculous ways giving insight toward the realizations when we collectively join together our knowledge and resources, individuals have the right to equal opportunities. Having free-will to take advantage of the numerous opportunities, now are able to thrive, individually fulfill the journey set forth on their greatest journey creating a life purpose during their soul mission here on earth.   


Hopefully, you can see yourself clearly, through the eyes of God. As the divine spark, beautiful, pure perfection, in the image of God the Father and divine creator.  

Let nothing dull your unique brightly shining your divine spark from within.

by Lesley Pazdzioch

Inspiring Creative Insight