While hard to imagine possible in a world bustling with people, how is it ever possible to feel alone? The feelings remain true and are an indication from within, soulful knowing. Often felt frequently ignored these gentle nudges of emotional guidance (GPS God Protection & Security) come from within ourselves. When awareness of these feelings, or simply ignoring them, these subtle nudges of love from above. Don’t worry if they are not very apparent and afraid of missing them altogether. Eventually, those loving nudges are felt like a great big emotional shove getting us to pay attention.

Feeling Alone

There are significant differences between feeling lonely and being alone with plenty of valuable benefits found in both. First, it is an indication of letting us know we have lost the connection and alignment from within and the need for connection. Second, the benefits of time alone are numerous take advantage of these golden moments of reprieve. Go inside yourself to discover simply bt sit quietly ask yourself,

Self what does the ideal _ look like?
What will I feel after successful achievement?
Reinforce with,
I am certain _____ is achievable.

I suggest keeping a journal to write down all the motivating ideas certain to come into focus. A key factor is, to begin with, the correct emotional foundation before beginning. This is easily achievable using spiritual practices of gratitude, prayer, and meditation. These are necessary for creating the foundation during your lifetime. There are many avenues available, explore the options to begin building the ideal foundations for you. Remember, you are uniquely made so it makes sense then that the foundation also will uniquely be yours providing stability, and preventing otherwise uncertainty in yourself.

When Life Experience Cause Doubt

The outer world often interferes with inner knowing, causing self-doubt and uncertainty with choices, decisions, and actions. The interference coming from numerous sources has the potential for disconnection within ourselves causing doubt. Fight back second-guessing and doubt by turning them into opportunities to reach higher. Firmly standing in the knowledge understanding the greater importance found having a personal path. Not allowing other agendas to affect the foundations being built within yourself and your faith.

Indication Out Being Out Of Alignment

Repeat after me, There is no room from within. A catchy little reminder, Right!? Negative thoughts are incorrect ideas and beliefs often seeking entertainment inside the mind most often when looking outward for personal validation, comparison to others, and numerous other factors. The constant repetition, over time, eventually begins showing up in the physical body causing dis-ease. Again, repeat after me, There is no room from within. Create a solid spiritual foundation that provides the NO-VACANCY sign to hang around every aspect of yourself. Let your inner light shine brightly!

The Knowledge Found Within The Soul

The true self and desires live within. Feel your best by gaining access to the soul using intuition. Search for the emotions and feelings first then begin exploring ideas through visualization sets your creative genius free! Why emotions and feelings first? The guidance system is emotional. When you begin to utilize this aspect of yourself the realization of the enormous power, your world will change drastically.

Be Still, Listen For The Quiet Voice Of Inner Knowing – Yourself

Golden opportunities for personal growth come through spiritual growth. Observing situations without judgment or criticism ask yourself questions such as, at this current time and situation where do I agree or disagree with any or all taking place, and why. Immediate answers will not always be apparent or available. Possibly causing confusion, frustration, anger, and disappointment. Whatever you do avoiding judgment and criticism at all costs. Simply observe and listen whenever possible.

Love Yourself First, It Teaches Others How To Love You

One of the greatest words of advice ever said to me was to introduce myself to myself. What? To be completely honest, I thought the woman was crazy supporting the reason behind my then job as her care specialist. Turns out, I was the crazy one. I was given this nugget of golden gift at the beginning point of my self-discovery journey, in 2007. Accompanied with the sheer surprise of yet another gift, humility. A few suggestions to help get you started,
Surround yourself with inspiration in all forms
Choose people who support you, not judge or criticize you
Choose activities to learn all you can about everything
Enjoy everything when possible, be playful have fun
Grow daily personally and spiritually

Spiritual Growth

I can not stress enough the importance of spiritual growth in life or the unlimited benefits. I know there are many with conflicting experiences in areas of faith and religion who lost hope and have given up. Personally, this raging battle in the first 40 years took me exploring many religions and alternatives. At yet another point of disappointment during contemplation, on the verge of finally giving up forever, everything came together. My journey in this life is about me, because of me, for me. So why am I looking outward? Taking a glance within for the first time, I found me. Allow the inner connection to open the communication with God the divine source, guardian angels, and spiritual guides.

You are never alone on this journey, here for a specific, essential reason only you can achieve the life mission and soul purpose set before you. Tap into the soulful knowing find the divine spark within (the core being) using intuition and know the personal value of self and soul. Discover the magic found in peaceful solitude.

written by Lesley Pazdzioch Creative Inspiring Insight, llc

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