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Living From The Inside Out

Lesley Pazdioch

Hi, I'm Lesley


For the majority of my life, outer circumstances dictated my inner beliefs. Who I was, what I should, and how I should behave in any given situation.

The so-called, “Wearing different hats” inevitably causing overwhelming feelings of frustration, overload, and confusion, leading to a lack of self-identity and self-awareness.

Unable to truly understand the thoughts and emotions in any given situation, that were truly my own. Becoming more self-aware I now “Live from the Inside Out” attracting people, circumstances, and experiences more aligned with my authentic self.

Lesley Pazdioch

How I Can Assist You

I believe that to live the most successful life humanly possible can be found in “Living from the Inside Out.” In this unique program, you become the master creator of your entire life. These processes will gently guide you through step-by-step, assisting deep inner healing and self-actualization. Open up endless possibilities to a life of meaning and self-awareness, leading to discovering your unique purpose.

Living From The Inside Out

Inner Healing

Personal Awareness

Spiritual Growth

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Helpful Resources

Designed to help individuals improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  Achieving success in their lives discovering the endless possibilities in life by means of greater self-awareness and spiritual growth leading them to discovering their unique purpose.


Empowering Beliefs

Empowering Beliefs is the ideal comprehensive guide for individuals setting a solid foundation to begin “Living from the Inside Out”  

This powerful guide includes information on the best practices in setting specific goals, as well as exploring your inner self by asking thought-provoking questions to help you gain valuable insight into your personal beliefs and desires.



Your Dreams Matter

Begin mapping out a meaningful vision for your future and desires even small differences in your everyday life and possibly the lives of others. 

This guide assists with creating a meaningful vision to change your life and impact the world.  Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in life, Develop the vision and set goals for your future, the purpose that will motivate you for the rest of your life. Great visions from the heart often are inspirations connected to your unique life purpose. 

Blog Articles

Visit the Blog Library. There you will find articles designed to help individuals in healing, personal awareness, and deeper spiritual growth. 

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Common Questions Often Asked Me

You will begin seeing results the moment you begin doing the word.

Instantly!  The moment you identify the areas of improvement, and begin making the choices and decisions you desire.

In my experience, all that is required is a belief in a higher creator.

Honestly, not at all.  When the desire to find answers is strong anything is possible in your life, anything.

Living From Inside Out

Online Spiritual Teacher and Leader assisting in healing, self-awareness, and spiritual growth and connection. Living from the Inside Out.

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