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Hello there!  I am so excited you have decided to stop by. This is the perfect place to be when you are looking to live life in the fullest potential and how it is meant to be lived.  I am so excited to share my knowledge, skills, and gifts with you.  It is my honor to help you create the life you dreams, build meaningful relationships, heal any lingering issues, and simply go for it with everything you have to live life the way it is intended. Starting over? Not sure where to begin?  Looking for incentive to keep going? Well, you’re in the right place! Here is the truth, everyday and every moment is new beginning regardless of circumstances of the past.  Today is your new day.  

Great news! New beginnings and fresh starts providing opportunities to live the life you are meant to be living, that otherwise would have been missed. When for far to long the desired changes just were not happening. A fresh start having a new perspective on everything around you.  A chance to learn, grow, and maybe even heal from something.  No matter where you currently are in your journey, I want to help you progress and reach your highest dreams.  Learn the power of forgiveness,  understand yourself in a deeper more profound ways than ever before.  most importantly, learn how to love yourself in the best possible way, “Living from the Inside Out”.

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Every Tuesday, I schedule one hour live videos.  I share the wins, losses, current learning. Oh of course “yes” why not toss in the challenges!  Finally, how I use it all  finding balance and inner wisdom along the journey of life! The intention is to empower, inspire, and motivate you in your life.  I invite you to come and join me, and let’s have some fun and grow together! 

Weekly blog

If you are a reader click the link below to access all blog content relating to Vlog, with a little extra love written in the seams. It is my passion to assist others to live exceptional lives, providing healing and spiritual enlightenment to all who are seek connection.


It is my honor and privilege to have you going this one of a kind memberships. This is a place for heart based living begins. Flourishing through diversity in race, sexual orientation, culture and ethnicities  building and creating together.  Compassionate, and loving individuals, seeking a greater understanding of self, others, and the world around them are invited to begin collaborating together in learning and support in this membership of unity.  

Membership includes access to weekly webinars provide training, question and answer sessions. Instant access to complementary courses, and advanced training courses for purchase.  Opportunities of participating during the beta testing stages of new programs, and contributing in the creation processes of leading edge materials. Above all and most significant is making solid connections with others discovering like-minded areas for celebration, embracing differences. Understand how by looking deeper into our personal differences we are able to  finding “golden” for our personal growth,  building solid foundations for generations to come in both similarity and diversity as the membership grows.  It is my purpose and desire to bring healing and spiritual enlightenment to all who seek connection.

because you are worth it

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This website and the entire content centers around teaching actionable and accountability skills, when applied create opportunities for healing, to discover the greater purpose for their life, living from the inside out.

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