“Embrace the unknown within yourself. Trust the Divine Guidance leading you toward your authentic self. In faith, you can begin creating your purpose”

To begin, first, understand “Who You Are” and “Why You Are Here” Then, the meaning starts to unfold, coming to light the exciting journey that can take on an entirely different path, realize you are more precious than you could ever have imagined.

While life has many mysteries, have no doubts; “Every one of us is a soul on a spiritual journey. We come from the same Divine Almighty Creator, creator of all things. Our souls have a great purpose during our life mission. As spiritual beings, we remain in connection with Divine Sources. This connection allows for guidance, support, encouragement, and comfort. We have abundant unconditional love flowing to us at every moment.

I cannot stress to you enough the importance of your life existence and the need to fulfill the soul’s purpose during this lifetime. So much so, the Holy Divine Sources watch over you, protection provided we are oblivious. Yes, great responsibility and rewards offer endless possibilities.

All that is required is faith, belief, and the desire to live your best life. It begins with learning how to “Live From The Inside Out.” Creating a connection with internal guidance utilizing the Divine Creators’ holly gifts of inner guidance.

Use the information taught and apply the fundamental principles resonating with personal preferences, aligning with Divine Guidance, 

“Living From The Inside Out”

A Personal Note

My name is Lesley Pazdzioch, and the Founder of Inspiring Creative Insight. As a first-generation High School, and College Graduate, having earned a double degree in Sociology and Psychology, from the University of Colorado. 

My education and more importantly navigating my way through life, are consistent in proving there is nothing you cannot accomplish with the desire for achievement.

My passions are spirituality, learning, traveling, laughter, healthy foods, and drinking different wines.

“Let your imagination blossom, allow Divine Guidance to be          the only limitation”

A lover of life, all things living, equality, and justice for all of humanity. I admit to favoring children and those of advancing years. Children, for their innocence, purity, curiosity, and living from their souls. Those of advancing years, for their contributions to the world, sharing of wisdom through trials and tribulations.

Individuality comes from wisdom allowing the freedom to just tell it like it is, with sincerity and confidence.

I want to thank you for your time and attention, knowing this to be an honor and privilege in having the opportunity to share with you my spiritual journey with honesty and integrity, to encourage, inspire, enlighten and support you along your spiritual journey to have a successful life, then return home.

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