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Lesley has an amazing intuition which, provides her with with the perfect words of wisdom, spoken gracefully, and with ease. Lesley has a true gift for understanding and connecting with people,. Bringing positive energy and a joyful light in her approach to life, I believe makes up the solid foundation in which she stands on while helping her generous giving to others in the moment assisting not only myself and others. Have a lovely day!
Zoe C.
Arts and Culture Liason
"Lesley's unique gift is a package of spirituality, insight, intuition, unconditional love, and a genuine belief that it is her calling to share her gifts with others. She has provided new insights into my life situations. As well as, reminded me of spiritual nuggets, I learned, yet some how, forgotten. She has inspired cleansing in all areas of my life through both laughter, and tears. People are drawn to Lesley's sense of humor, and her overall positive energy, the aura of which, if we could see it, would be beautiful".
Mike M.
Judicial Officer