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Healing Childhood Wounds

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Healing Our Childhood Wounds:
I believe this is incredibly important for many people, and it certainly was for me. When I embarked on my healing journey, I felt compelled to start at the very beginning of my life. Rather than focusing on specific areas of healing, I wanted to take a whole-person approach, as if cleaning out an entire house rather than just a few rooms.

About the Author

 Lesley Pazdzioch is a lover of life and humanity.  She believes in the power of Divinity within, created to guide us along our chosen life path. By supporting the uniqueness of every individual and understanding it by observing without judgment and criticism, we gain greater clarity into ourselves and discover our purpose in this lifetime.  

The key to lasting happiness is finding our balance through inner peace and harmony rather than depending solely on external sources. Embracing inner balance allows the Divinity within to bring positive experiences into our lives and encourages letting go of negative behaviors and influences. Building trust and confidence in ourselves, and paying attention to our intuition is essential for recognizing divine connection guiding the correct steps forward along our unique journey in life. 

“Living from the Inside Out”

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