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Our healing, personal growth, and spiritual development are deeply intertwined, and forgiveness plays a pivotal role in this interconnectedness. It is not just any aspect of our lives; it is one of the most significant. Forgiveness acts as a mirror, reflecting our self-awareness and providing an opportunity to consciously shape our identity and align us with the Divinity guiding our souls’ destiny.

A Spiritual Perspective
From a Spiritual Perspective when our souls incarnate into physical bodies, our purpose is to embody Christ-like qualities. We come into this world carrying “original sin,” which by definition is the desire to effect positive change/s in the functions of human behavior within humanity and, by extension, the collective consciousness. Before our eventual return to the spiritual realm, we strive to make our souls as pure as possible. This is where forgiveness and living a Christ-like life become essential when fulfilling our spiritual missions and achieving our soul’s purpose during our lifetime.

Soul Mission Purity Of Heart, Personal Awareness, Highest Potential
Remarkably, once an individual fully embraces their soul’s mission and become their purest form of self, aligning their awareness with their highest potential, the divine universe responds in celebration and by giving them their desires through manifestation. Manifestation is accomplished through beliefs, emotions, and actions, much like the achievement of becoming their purest form of self, aligning through personal awareness and reaching their highest potential. Such individuals have demonstrated mastery and achieved greatness in their current incarnation.

Forgiveness, Self-Discovery And Personal Awareness
Forgiveness serves as a tool for self-discovery and personal awareness. It allows us to confirm or solidify our self-knowledge, beliefs, and personal desires which shape our personalities and guide our actions. When we make choices and decisions aligned with our values, such as honesty and integrity, we are living following our awareness and progressing on our spiritual journey.

Forgiveness And Healing
However, forgiveness and healing become particularly relevant in the context of challenging relationships. Sometimes, relationships end in bitterness and hurt, leading to resentment and questioning our choices. Yet, if we approach this pain with a broader perspective, we can see these experiences as puzzle pieces that teach us valuable lessons. Instead of feeling resentment, we can embrace forgiveness as a means to heal our inner pain and grow through personal awareness.

Actions, Words, And Behaviors
It is crucial to remember that the actions, words, and behaviors of others are often reflections of their struggles, not personal attacks on us. The same scenarios apply to us. By cultivating empathy and acknowledging the humanity in others, we learn from these experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Relationship Challenges
Relationships, especially challenging ones, offer opportunities to reflect on our choices and decisions that may have contributed to their instability. For instance, in my personal experience, I made concessions and took on responsibilities in a relationship with an alcoholic partner. This inadvertently made him feel unworthy and devalued within the relationship.

Through this experience, I learned that each individual has a responsibility to themselves and to the relationships they are a part of. Taking excessive responsibility for someone else’s life can be counterproductive and hinder their growth.

Forgiveness, Healing, and Cultivating Personal Awareness
Forgiveness and healing are essential for cultivating personal awareness. They enable us to recognize and embrace our flaws and strive to embody the qualities we value and desire. In the grand scheme of things, some of the most profound lessons we will learn are what we don’t want to be, just as important as discovering what we do and want to become.

About the Author

 Lesley Pazdzioch is a lover of life and humanity.  She believes in the power of Divinity within, created to guide us along our chosen life path. By supporting the uniqueness of every individual and understanding it by observing without judgment and criticism, we gain greater clarity into ourselves and discover our purpose in this lifetime.  

The key to lasting happiness is finding our balance through inner peace and harmony rather than depending solely on external sources. Embracing inner balance allows the Divinity within to bring positive experiences into our lives and encourages letting go of negative behaviors and influences. Building trust and confidence in ourselves, and paying attention to our intuition is essential for recognizing divine connection guiding the correct steps forward along our unique journey in life. 

“Living from the Inside Out”

~ Lesley Pazdzioch
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