“Building others up, because I know what it’s like to be torn down”



Lesley Pazdzioch is the founder of Inspiring Creative Insight, LLC.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, Lesley works with individuals around the world using her natural gifts and innate intuition, combined with sincere compassion for others’ wellbeing assists them in overcome Trauma and Loss.   She has an amazing gift to Inspire, Enlighten and Empower others!

Lesley’s professional and educational background includes a BA degree in Sociology and Psychology, the main focus is Positive Psychology. As well as a certification as a Life Coach. Lesley offers 1-1 coaching, creates online courses for individuals.  She is a published author and posts articles on her website blog.

She has self-employment experience and within the private sector. However, her real expertise came in 2006, after personally experiencing emotional and mental exhaustion. Determination to regain her life, she set out to find healing, forgiveness, personal truth, self-identity, and individuality through religion and spirituality developing personized loving self-care practices.

Currently, Lesley is sharing the techniques she herself created to successfully overcome the Trauma  Loss experienced early on at a very young age.  Now, she is determined to share these same tools and techniques with individuals around the world. Her sincerity and genuine desire to assist others allowing a deep connection strengthening trust with the relationships with clients and students.’

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Student Testimonial

Lesley has amazing intuition that helps her give her clients what they need at the moment. She has a true gift for understanding and connecting with people, and brings positive energy and joyful light in her approach.
Have a lovely day!

Zoe C
Arts & Culture Liaison
“Lesley’s unique gift is a package of spirituality, insight, intuition, unconditional love, and a genuine belief that it is her calling to share her gifts with others. She has provided new insights into my life situations, as well as reminding me of spiritual nuggets I learned but had forgotten. She has inspired cleansing through both laughter and tears. People are drawn to Lesley’s sense of humor, and her overall positive energy, the aura of which, if we could see it, would be beautiful”.

Mike M
Judicial Official